What makes the audience identify with the content and creates emotional motivation to explore.
The engagement and learning points of the whole experience.
What makes the experience immersive and magical.



Emerging Technologies Conference | Google Singapore

Our CEO, Rafał Zaremba, was invited to speak at a conference discussing skills developing with emerging technologies hosted at Google Singapore.
Vivid discussions led to some really interesting conclusions which we will definitely use in our work! Many thanks to Polish Investment & Trade Agency for the invite!


Interactive Gamified Training Programme | Procter & Gamble

P&G approached us with the idea of turning a routine training that their employees have to go through into something more enjoyable, worthwhile.
We created a set of custom-made devices that go through steps of the programme via puzzles and games.


Interactive AR Mural | Sony Music Polska

Sony Music, in collaboration with Spotify, wanted to try different marketing options, so we came up with an idea.
We painted a mural and made it trackable in AR, resulting in a massive portal that caught the eyes of many passersby.
Check it out.


AR Business Card | High Grade

In order to better convey what AR really is to our clients, we decided to turn our own business cards into AR markers.


3D Mapping and Projections | Kezerk Innovations

Together with our sister company, Kezerk Innovations, we provided various display solutions for SPAD event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We created a holographic transparent screen, a 360 screen, and an interactive projection on the floor. Check out the results!