Ludwig Plenty


The first creation of High Grade IS story was… a person!

To enter the live gaming industry with a bang, we needed more than just an escape game. Hours of brainstorming resulted in gamely idea: to build a museum of a fictitious character.


The long-term vision was even more adventurous – an urban legend. This is how Ludwig Plenty, a forgotten Polish traveller, was born.

Creating an urban legend is no mean feat.
After writing the biography of Ludwig Plenty, we moved on to forging his diaries, creating fake news articles and photos. Then came the Room of Plenty, an interactive museum of the traveller (see below).


We hit the jackpot. After running a series of events aiming to “restore” Ludwig Plenty to Gdańsk and sending press releases, people started talking and asking questions. The legend started to live.


A breakthrough came two years later.
The tourist authority of Gdansk got interested in Plenty as they saw value in promoting the city with his image.

With a series of games (see below) called “Following Plenty”, High Grade IS and the authorities of Gdańsk promote the city in an innovative way, making the legend of Plenty grow.