Room of Plenty
Room of Plenty is our escape game-like museum of Ludwig Plen-ty. It quickly became (and remains to date) no. 1 entertainment venue in Gdansk, Poland according to reviewers on TripAdvisor.

Two concepts are unique for Room of Plenty:

the story
We based the adventure on the biography of a forgotten Polish traveller. This appeared to be, liter-ally,
a game changer.
The experience of our guests is much deeper and more real. Iden-tification with the plot makes the game truly immersive and engag-ing.
the tech
Unlike traditional escape games based on padlocks and paper clues, Room of Plenty runs on a proprietary server-based solution that controls numerous micro-computers.
There is magic on every step of the game when seemingly unconnect-ed items interact with each other.

Story and tech underlay everything we do.