AR Activation with localized game components | Flügger

We were approached by the international paint manufacturer Flügger to create an AR game for the activation of their new Flügger Partner programme.
Using Zappar as a basis, we created a quiz in AR that introduced participants to various intricacies of the system.

Targi Książki

Projection mapping | Icelandic Book Fair

We created an interactive book shelf with the 3 most-mentioned books from the fair.
Once one of the books was picked up, the projection on the wall changed to a bio of the author.
Visitors could browse between fragments from the book and biographies of the author and translator.

Browar Elbląg 2

Interactive Projection Mapping | Grupa Żywiec S.A.

We were asked to host a presentation about the beer brewing proces by Browar Elbląg.

We made an interactive projection using the Brewery’s antique walls.

Browar Elbląg

AR Sightseeing Tour | Grupa Żywiec S.A.

Grupa Żywiec organized an open day at Elbląg Brewery during the Days of Elbląg.

After discovering old photographs of the location, we used AR as a means of time travel.

We also used AR to visualise the beer brewing process from the inside.

ICTF (Magic Portal)

Educational AR Games | International Children’s Theatre Festival

The city of Sopot and Children’s Theatre “Baobab” were hosting the International Children’s Theatre Festival.

We organised and created a kid and family-oriented AR game in a Fantasy setting.